Personal relationships high on list when recruiting a funder


Personal relationships high when recruiting a funder

Personal relationships high on list when recruiting a funder

ASA Medical Solutions are a Milton Keynes based Recruitment Agency specialising in placing medical personnel within the NHS across the UK to cover both full time and part time roles -   from nurses, doctors, midwives, and consultants to hospital support staff. With turnover reaching £7m, they continue to drive ambitious growth plans to achieve further growth.

ASA Medical joined Pulse Outsource in 2019, switching from a previous funder because they wanted a more personal level of service.  As Steve Knowles, managing director of ASA explains: “The NHS have an elongated invoice payment process and although the recruitment sector and our funders are familiar with ‘bridging the gap’ between paying weekly candidate wages and waiting to get paid by our clients, when the payment process takes longer than normal, it can cause bigger issues with cashflow and our funding facility.  We needed a funder who we could have that close personal relationship with that would take the time to get to know us, our clients and how they work so that our funding solution could support our business effectively”.

“Pulse Outsource have been fantastic.  Our Client Manager is always at the end of the phone.  He is really knowledgeable on our account and if there is an issue, he understands how we work so can provide the support we need to any situation that arises to ensure we maintain a smooth working relationship with our clients and ensures we have a healthy funding line to support the growth of our business.  Since moving to Pulse Outsource in 2019, we found our customer credit limits were increased which means we have access to a higher level of funding with our current facility standing at £600k to support our business.”

“The fact that our funder is local is an absolute bonus – our Client Manager is just as happy to pop in and see us to discuss any issues which means a fast and positive resolution every time.  I genuinely prefer dealing with people face to face – you get a good feel for people and that helps to build trust in the relationship.”

“Our experience is that Pulse Outsource has a talented team who are superb at their job and their level of client service is excellent.  From funding, to invoicing to payroll, Pulse Outsource do it all and at a very reasonable cost.”

“Pulse Outsource are a vital support line for our business.  We don’t have an internal payroll department, so their funding and back-office solution means they make sure our own team and our candidates get paid on time keeping our key assets happy!  They also handle our invoicing process so that our clients are invoiced on time which speeds up the process.  It’s a job which can take a lot of time and distracts us from focussing on servicing our clients and interviewing potential candidates so to have Pulse look after that side of our business is a real benefit.”

“As a solution, Pulse Outsources funding and back-office support is brilliant – ideal for any new start or growing recruitment agency who has ambitious plans to grow.”

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